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Z Restorations

Z Restorations is subsidiary of Z Design Construction Inc (ZDC). At Z Restorations, we as a team value all of our customers and ensure that all of our work is delivered to exceed your expectations. We’re committed to Restoring What Matters Most to you. Our local restoration experts use advanced equipment and techniques to perform property damage restoration in the San Francisco Bay Area, and all the communities in between. Our IICRC-certified restoration professionals deal with damage stemming from water, fire, and mold.

  • Close your main water valve – If flooding is the result of a burst pipe, closing the valve will eliminate the source and minimize further damage.

  • Shut the electrical breaker – Before unplugging or removing electrical devices from water damaged areas, shut off the electrical circuit to prevent electrocuting yourself.

  • Call your insurance company – It is vital to report any losses or damages as soon as possible.

  • Call Z Restoration – Reach out to our team and request immediate help so that we can provide water damage cleanup, mitigation, and restoration services, and help prevent further issues.

What to Do in the Event of Water Damage at Your Home or Business
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Z Restoration represents the customer, NOT the insurance company

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IICRC certified technicians


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Z Restoration is one of the leading water damage restoration companies in the Bay Area. Our contractors are committed to helping home and business owners recover from a flood, burst plumbing, or various other disasters. We are proud to use local contractors who share a commitment to excellence and customer service, all of whom are backed by our support team. Each member of our organization uses the best available tools and has access to the most up-to-date resources and training techniques.

Understanding the Severity of Water Damage
  • Category 1 – Comprising of clean water damage from broken water taps, leaking sinks, and minimal amounts of rainwater, category 1 water damage involves uncontaminated water that does not pose significant health risks. Therefore, category 1 repairs require less equipment and time than their alternatives. However, left untreated, this type of damage can develop into a category 2 concern within a day.

  • Category 2 – These damages involve gray water with small amounts of contamination. They can result from cracked sewer lines or water supply pipes, leaking roofs, overflowing toilets, dishwater discharge, and more. After 48 hours, this damage can turn into a category 3 problem.

  • Category 3 – The most dangerous form of water damage, category 3 consists of black water contamination. Black water is highly polluted and can cause significant health problems. It is important to seek assistance from our water damage remediation specialists immediately to avoid exposure to bacterial diseases and unsafe chemicals. Do not attempt to clean this on your own. Trust a water damage mitigation company such as Z Restorations.

Z Restoration for Water Damaged Restoration Service
  • Water damage can be an overwhelming disaster for many home and business owners. But, Z Restoration is here to help. We can remove moisture from your home or business completely, while carefully preserving all of your belongings. Once that is complete, we will help you clean, restore, and rebuild while ensuring your property is safe. Z Restoration is proud to have provided water damage restoration services to various satisfied clients 

  • Whether your project is big or small in scope, Z Restoration is proud to help. Contact us today.



Arjun S.

Extremely professional, sincere and very hard working team! Everyone was onsite at sharp 8am every working day to the extent that we started telling the time from their punctuality.
We got a lot done on our (old) new house and really appreciate the detailed work Charles and team put into making it brand spanking new.
They were able to handle everything from flooring, baseboards, appliance installation, fixing leaks, kitchen remodeling, electrical pane upgrade, lights, vents, car charger installation and a lot more nitty gritty things required to make a house livable and worth enjoying!
Thank you soo much for fixing the house for us, great job team


George S.

We needed our kitchen counter updated and replaced. They did a fantastic job. The job was finished on time, on budget in one week. When questions or concerns came up they were prompt and provided effective answers. The work was completed under Covid protocols and everyone was delightful to work with. Both my wife and I strongly recommend them.


Ken Y.

We are very satisfied with the services provided by Charles and his team. Charles is very easy to communicate with and always approachable.

We had our kitchen cabinets and house flooring remodeled lately. Kitchen hexagon floor tiles were done perfectly by Mr. Hu, and electrician Mr. Chen was exceptionally detail-oriented. Mr. Chao is the most experienced carpenter I've ever worked with. His custom made bar countertop is such a masterpiece.

We highly recommend Charles and his team and will definitely choose Z Design for future projects.

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